Custom-made mattress Camper Breathair © 100% Breathable Anti-condensation


BREATHAIR © is a new and innovative structure with unique qualities such as its ability to resist humidity and water, which makes it the perfect material for the manufacture of custom-made mattresses for roof t ents or raised ceilings.

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? Manufacturing time 7-10 working days



Its composition is 90% air which makes it extremely breathable and prevents condensation.

Its main properties are its lightness as well as its elasticity and durability.

It offers a very similar feel to traditional foam, both in comfort and density, but the key advantage is that it does not age like foam, making it a much more durable and resistant product.

Main characteristics:


Its composition is 90% air which makes it extremely breathable and prevents condensation.


In contrast to conventional foam mattresses, both the cover and the interior are 100% washable.


One of the advantages of Breathair © is that it is 100% disinfectable with non-aggressive cleaning products.


Thanks to the spiral structure of its filaments, it does not produce fibre dust, preventing the spread of dust mites.

Excellent hygienic properties

One of the most important qualities of our mattress is its hygiene. Unlike a conventional mattress whose fabric is washable, Breathair ©, has a waterproof core which allows it to be washed with water and neutral soap directly in the shower. As it is a water-repellent material, it dries quickly.

  1. Removable and machine washable and hand washable.
  2. Possibility of disinfecting the mattress core with neutral soap.
  3. Once the washing is finished, rinse very well and allow to air dry.

Pressure and temperature regulation

  • Our mattress has the ability to maintain the temperature inside the mattress as well as being a cool material in summer, thanks to its great breathability.
  • It prevents pressure ulcers, as it is able to distribute the weight evenly, avoiding overheating and chafing in frequent areas.

♻ Environmentally friendly

As it is made of a special thermoplastic elastomer based on polyester (Pelprene ©), it is fully recyclable, thus contributing to the recycling of fuel with its use.

Highly durable material

Due to its great elastic properties, Breathair © is characterized by its great durability achieving better results than foam rubber over time, in addition to containing very good compression recovery leading to perfect cushioning.


It is a high quality material, consisting mainly of polyester. As it is composed of a mesh effect, it increases its breathability by a large percentage, making it a 100% breathable mattress. Its cover incorporates a side zipper to be able to remove the cover and wash it without problems, always cold and without centrifuging.


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