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Thermal Insulation Overland 4x4

Windows thermo mats materials are of vital importance to maintain optimal temperatures inside the 4×4, which is why in our online shop we offer you top quality products at very affordable prices.

This system is very convenient, especially when you are on the road, because when you want to put the blackout blinds in place, they will already be in the right position.

In addition, the insulator comes with nickel-plated brass eyelets Ø 6mm to simplify installation. It is also important to note that the purchase comes with an 80 micron polypropylene sleeve and zip for storing the insulators.

Avoid the cold and heat

With our Thermal Vehicle Blinds , you no longer have to worry about the heat or the low temperatures of winter, because they are made with materials that have all the characteristics you are looking for to protect your vehicle.

ALL 4x4

You can find all the vehicle models we have in the product sheet, only 4x4 vehicles.


Composed of 9 layers to improve the insulation of the interior of the passenger compartment, thus reducing the temperature.


the set includes suction cups with high suction nut Ø50, with tab for easy removal and 100% cotton piping in two shades of grey.


Highly resistant material, specially designed for off-road use, quite rigid for greater effectiveness.

Benefits of thermal insulation for 4x4

Thermal Screens is ideal for dealing with extreme temperatures, because it significantly reduces the temperature inside the vehicle in hot weather, and insulates the interior if it is too cold.

In addition, our products also allow you to darken the passenger compartment, which reduces the effects of the sun so you can rest easy for much longer.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the suction tab on the suction cup not only makes removal extremely easy, but also prevents damage to tinted glass.

One of our special features is that we make the window blinds oscillators by hand, taking care of the geometry of the windows for an optimal fit, and they are finished with a two-tone grey trim in 100% cotton.

Select your Thermal Insulation and receive it in 24/48 hours

Offroad models available

Land Rover






Mercedes Benz


Buy thermal insulation for 4x4

Definitely, if you need a thermal insulation for your 4×4, you are in the right place. In this online shop we offer products of the highest quality and made with first class materials, so that you don’t suffer neither the cold nor the heat on the road.

But, in addition, the purchase includes a kit so thatyou can fit the blackout yourself and without having to spend money in a garage (although if you have any doubts, you can of course contact us). The set we offer includes brass eyelets and nuts with high suction, among other elements.

We know that many people spend long hours in their cars, so we work to make sure that they are able to buy thermal dimmers to help them perform better, reducing the effects of the sun in the summer and the cold in the winter, which can be a major risk for the 4×4 and the rest.

In addition, we have an excellent customer service, so if you have any questions about the insulation or its installation, you can contact us. We will be at your disposal immediately!

Last but not least, we offer very competitive prices. Therefore, we invite you to browse through our extensive catalogue of thermal insulation products on our website and purchase the model that is compatible with your vehicle.


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