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Do you want to renew your motorhome? caravan? camper van?

Motorhomes, Caravans and Campers upholstery

Upholstering a motorhome can seem like a difficult task. This is why many people give up on the idea before they even try it.

They consider it too expensive or don’t even give it a second thought.

Of course, each size is different and the price will be according to the quality of the service and what should be adapted to each case.

However, before making a hasty decision or dismissing it, it is best to consult with professionals who can speak with full knowledge of the facts.

Upholstery Motorhomes

How much does it cost to upholster a motorhome?

The price of upholstering a motorhome will depend on what you want to do, what model you choose and what the materials are like.

The price of the caravan will also depend on the reupholstery you choose, whether it is full, semi or the fabric of your choice.

Special caravan upholstery

The family will probably need a much sturdier upholstery, because it will be used by more people, because it will get dirtier and because they will have more things to take care of.

And with our water- and oil-repellent motorhome upholstery, our customers don’t even have to think about this problem. It is very easy to maintain.

Not all available upholstery is of the same quality. When travelling with children or pets, it is advisable to use our stain-resistant fabric to avoid stains in the future.

This does not mean that the water floats before it enters the fabric, but it does mean that liquids do not immediately penetrate into the upholstery and it is possible to remove most of the dirt with a damp cloth.

Our Plus series fabric is the most recommended for these cases, as it includes a Teflon treatment that repels water and dirt.

Why should I reupholster my motorhome?

The great advantage of motorhomesis that the owner travels as if he were at home. Visiting places, listening to music, watching TV, lying down to rest… It is much more comfortable to do so when it is done on a soft, comfortable surface. This will only occur if a caravan is reupholstered.

Our team

We are fortunate to have a team specialised in the customisation and interior upholstery of motorhomes, caravans and camper vans.

All our professionals are highly qualified, have the best references and have proven their experience in previous jobs within our company.

It can be said louder, but not clearer. We care for absolutely everything. And, in the hypothetical case that the client is not satisfied with our work, we revise everything until they are. Better reference than this?

In addition to the high quality of the professionals we have in our ranks, we have the right technical equipment for these cases.

Thanks to the experience, qualifications of our professionals and the relevant tools, we can tackle from the most complex jobs to the simplest ones with an exquisite finish.

Do you want a tailor-made quotation?

Custom-made covers

Types of motorhome upholstery

As we mentioned before, there are many types of upholstery, so the end consumer can choose the one that best suits his or her needs.

Two seats, two backrests, four headrests, one side panel, anti-allergenic, breathable…

Sometimes, even those customers who want to change the upholstery of their caravan also change the curtains or other decorative devices around it in order to achieve harmony in the place.

They are harmless to the skin. Very important for people who have dermatitis on their skin, as they can lie down without fear of it affecting their touch.

Easy to clean. Before investing in a new caravan upholstery, it is important to check all details regarding its cleanliness.

Not all materials are easy to clean and when travellers are on the road, they may not have much time to remove dirt at certain times.

Matching. Many people want the upholsteryof their caravan to match the rest of the motorhome.

This is possible thanks to our matching and decoratedupholstery. For our fussy customers, we have the best solution.

Frequently asked questions

Solve all your doubts

How to order?

We are located in Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville), if you are from the area, you can leave your motorhome directly at our facilities to carry out the reupholstering.

On the other hand, we can also send all the pieces you want to upholster by courier and once the work is done we will send them back to your home.

What are the benefits of upholstering the motorhome?

Total renovation of the interior.

More aestheticism. The place will look much more welcoming.

Easy to clean. If the customer chooses a good material, advised by our sales representatives, he will achieve a clean, tidy and aesthetic environment.

Protection. On a caravan trip, the vehicle is likely to move around, resulting in stubborn stains or stumbling. With an upholstery, the risk of injury is considerably reduced.

Additional elements to motorhome upholstery

A motorhomecan be embellished with additional elements that can make the vehicle a home.

An upholsteredsofa can be included, with the chosen upholstery fabric, large or small cushions to match, the seats of the motorhomecan be upholstered. They can also upholsterthe mattresses of the caravan, change the upholstery of the motorhome…

How long does it take?

It always depends on the amount of work you have, but once you request a quote our customer service team will provide you with a production time of approximately 7 to 10 working days.

Why choose K'Foam Store?

Re-upholstering a motorhome is an important decision, as it will be a place where the consumer will spend a significant amount of his or her life. Sometimes it will even be the letter of introduction when it comes to new trips.

This is why many people ask themselves where is the best place to do their upholstery.

They hear about that friend who did it with another friend, but it didn’t work out, then they see recommendations on social media, but they’re not quite sure, and finally they never decide anything because no one convinces them.

100% of our clients are satisfied with our work, and it is because our results endorse us. We know how to choose what is best for the client, because we listen to them.

We only conceive results with good customer service, if they don’t go hand in hand, we don’t consider it a success.

We specialise in motorhome upholstery and customisation. We carry out both interior upholstery of caravans and exterior painting.

From the upholstery of panels, benches and backrests to custom-made mattresses and protectors.

Armrests, driver’s and co-driver’s seat, steering wheel trim, dust gaiter, gear knobs and much more. We know what we’re talking about, that’s why you can trust K’Foam Store.


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