Custom Foam Mattress Camper


Camper mattress adaptable to all your needs. Customise it with the measurements you need, adding the number of folds you need, extra viscoelastic or with a 100% washable cover.




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The price +25€ is the labour cost of making the cover. 

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Cordoba series fabrics*

El tejido "Córdoba" es un tejido lavable hecho 100% de polyester.

Love Anti-stain fabrics series*

El tejido "Love" es similar al "Córdoba" pero tiene un tratamiento especial de teflón que ayuda a repeler los líquidos y la suciedad además de ser más fácil de lavar.

Exclusive series fabric*

El tejido de la serie "Exclusive" es de la máxima calidad y están espumados para hacerlos más resistentes y confortables.

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Personalise your Camper Mattress for your camper van

The made-to-measure camper mattress offers you maximum customisation to suit your needs and the specifications of your vehicle. Whether you need a camper folding mattress or a specific design for your van, our range of options ensures the best rest during your adventures. At KFoam we not only guarantee comfort and relaxation, but also maximise the use of space and personalise your travel experience, transforming your camper van into a real home on wheels!

What Density is Recommended for your Camper Mattress?

Choosing the right density for your made-to-measure camper mattress depends on your personal preferences and sleeping needs:

⇒ Firm Density Foam 25kg/m3

  • Recommended for: Sporadic use and people who prefer medium firmness.
  • Characteristics: Firm but not extremely hard feeling.

⇒Extra Firm Density Foam 28kg/m3

  • Recommended for: Those looking for very high firmness and durability.
  • Features: Premium quality, increased strength and durability. Ideal for thin mattresses.

⇒ Viscoelastic 60kg/m3

  • Recommended for: Increased comfort and fit.
  • Characteristics: 3 cm thick sheets, can be combined to achieve greater thickness.

Each type of density provides a different level of firmness and comfort, allowing you to customise your sleeping experience in your camper.

What thickness should I choose for my camper mattress?

If you don’t know what thickness to choose for your made-to-measure mattress, we show you our best-selling recommendations:

Without Visco With Visco
8 cm foam rubber 25 kg/m3 5 cm of foam rubber 28 kg/m3 + 3 cm of visco-foam
10 cm foam rubber 25 kg/m3 7 cm of foam rubber 28 kg/m3 + 3 cm of visco foam
12 cm foam rubber 25 kg/m3 10 cm of foam rubber 28 kg/m3 + 3 cm of visco foam
*1 Single piece (0 folds): If the piece is over 200cm long or 150cm wide, the missing piece of foam will be glued on until the rest of the excess is reached. In other words, if the length of your mattress, for example, is 214cm, 14cm of foam will be added to the 200cm block.

What are the benefits of viscoelastic in my camper folding mattress?

Viscoelastic is one of the most recommended materials to improve comfort and sleep quality in your camper van mattress. This material is characterised by its ability to adapt to the shape of the body, providing ergonomic support and relieving pressure points, resulting in better weight distribution and reduced nocturnal movements, resulting in a deeper and more restful sleep.

How do I know where to indicate the folds?

It is crucial to specify which way you want your camper van mattress to fold, especially if it has any indentations and you need it to fold to fit in the boot of your van. Here’s what a 3-piece mattress should look like when folded and how you should indicate this on the plan.

Pliegues colchón camper a medida

You must indicate where the pleats or zips should go, we will place them in the most convenient positions according to our criteria.

So if you need a folding mattress with more than 5 folds, ask for a specific quote here.

Ensure the perfect fit for your made-to-measure camper mattress and enjoy optimal rest on your adventures!

Differences between Fabric Types for your Camper Mattress

When choosing the fabric for your made-to-measure camper mattress, it is important to know the characteristics of each option. We offer you three types of high quality fabrics, each with its own advantages:

⇒ Cordoba Series

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Characteristics: Wide range of colours, very hard-wearing, ideal for intensive use in a camper van.
  • Additional Benefit: Special offers when selecting a model such as C-105, C-106, C-108.

⇒ Love Series

  • Material: Similar to Cordoba with Teflon treatment “Splash Free”.
  • Characteristics: Liquid and dirt repellent, easy to clean, softer to the touch.
  • Additional Benefit: Keeps the mattress clean and in good condition for longer.

⇒ Exclusive Series

  • Material: Highly resistant fabric with fibre filling.
  • Characteristics: Superior quality, similar to a home mattress, greater comfort.
  • Additional Benefit: Provides a premium sleeping experience.

Care and Maintenance

Tll our fabrics are washable. We recommend washing them cold and without spin-drying to avoid possible complications. In addition, all our mattresses have removable covers thanks to the side zips, facilitating maintenance and cleaning.

Choose the fabric that best suits your needs and enjoy a comfortable and long-lasting rest on your made-to-measure camper mattress.

How should I make a sketch of my camper mattress?

It is always essential that the sketch of the made-to-measure camper mattress includes all the necessary specifications for its manufacture, such as length, width, pleats and notches. Follow these steps to ensure that your plan is complete:

  1. Precise details: Includes all the measurements and characteristics of the mattress.
  2. Consultation and Confirmation: If you have any doubts, please contact us via WhatsApp (682307038) or email ([email protected]).

Example of a Sketch

Here is an example of a sketch of a made-to-measure mattress. You can draw it on paper and photograph it with your mobile phone to attach it.

Sketch Submission

In case you have problems uploading the sketch you can also send it by WhatsApp or email along with your order number.

We’re here to help you create the perfect made-to-measure camper mattress for you!

How and when will I receive my mattress?

The manufacturing time for our made-to-measure camper van mattresses is 7 to 10 working days from receipt and payment of the order. If you need the mattress urgently, you can see if any of our standard mattresses for camper vans is compatible. To this time, you must add 24-48 hours for shipping.

You will receive your mattress vacuum rolled for protection.If sheets or pillows are included, they should be placed inside the mattress to avoid loss or damage. It is important to open it carefully, avoiding sharp materials such as scissors or knives that could damage the mattress. Once opened, allow 24-48 hours for the mattress to return to its original shape.

Can I Return my Custom Made Camper Mattress?

Unfortunately, custom-made products are non-returnable as they are made specifically for each customer. However, all our products are guaranteed against manufacturing faults.


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