Custom Foam Mattress Camper

Camper mattress adaptable to all your needs. Customise it with the measurements you need, adding the number of folds you need, extra viscoelastic or with a 100% washable cover.

⏰ Manufacturing time 7-10 working days
Enter all measurements in centimetres
*Total length counting all parts
*Thickness excluding visco-elastic
Attach sketch of the mattress
ATTENTION! It is necessary to indicate in the plan the measurements, folds and in the case of being joined by zips, indicate where, otherwise we will put them where we see fit.
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    • 25kg/m3: This is a top quality HR with a firm resistance for occasional use or people who like a firm but not extremely hard feeling.
    • 28kg/m3: This is a premium quality HR with a higher force load for greater firmness and durability, designed for people who like a very high firmness. It is perfect for use with viscoelastic or for thin mattresses.


    Our fabric recommendations are as follows:

    • 5 cm of foam 28 kg/m3 + 3 cm of visco-foam
    • 7 cm of foam 28 kg/m3 + 3 cm of visco foam
    • 10 cm of foam 28 kg/m3 + 3 cm of visco foam
    • 8 cm foam 25 kg/m3
    • 10 cm foam 25 kg/m3
    • 12 cm foam 25 kg/m3

    The best options are undoubtedly those containing viscoelastic, as they greatly improve the comfort of our nights’ rest in the van or motorhome.

    In case you want to buy a mattress with more than 5 folds, it is necessary to ask us for a more specific quotation, you can do it here.

    It is important if the mattress is folded, where you want it to fold to and where the mattress will be folded to.

    In the case of a mattress with extra cuts, you must place the order as if it were a rectangular mattress, then you must send us a sketch or plan of the camper mattress to our email with the order number. We will confirm your order once we have received your payment and sketch. It is also essential to write us in the order remarks that it has a sketch for cutting.


    Our fabrics are of high quality and combinable, for this you should contact us. We have a wide variety of fabrics to make your mattress to measure that you can find in our online catalogue below.


    All our mattresses are removable and washable.

    We do not recommend using imitation leather for mattress covers, it can be much easier to clean but in the summer it is not a breathable fabric and is quite hot.


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