Customizable Komfort seats


Komfort seat with customizable fabric and standard sizes for OKB seat structure with Isofix, CTA without Isofix, CTA with Isofix and AGT2000. Upholstery made of high density foam and wooden base to be placed on the structure. For fabric catalog and technical information.
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OKB with Isofix


AGT 2000

This innovative high-density foam seat, meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly with the brand’s rear seating structures, has been designed with the following features OKBs equipped with the Isofix system, CTA equipped without Isofix, CTA equipped with Isofix and AGT 2000 represents a significant advance in terms of comfort and customization. Manufactured using the highest quality foam, this seat not only ensures exceptional durability but also offers superior comfort, thanks to its top-of-the-line upholstery. However, it is important to note that the cover is not removable, thus ensuring greater aesthetic and functional cohesion of the product.

In addition, this seat has been designed with an innovative vision that allows users to adjust the inclination according to their personal preferences, thanks to a wooden base integrated into both the backrest and the seat. This unique feature ensures unprecedented adaptability, allowing the seat to be bolted directly to the structure in an efficient and safe manner, thus providing maximum comfort and user satisfaction.

It is essential to follow the installation instructions in detail to ensure correct and safe installation. Specifically, the covering over the center column of the seat belts should be avoided, as the backrest design incorporates a rear cavity intended to completely conceal the structure’s mechanism, which is thoroughly detailed in our video tutorial available at the top of the description.

With regard to the construction of the seat box, it is imperative that it is made taking into account the specific dimensions of the Komfort seat. This recommendation ensures perfect coherence and integration between the drawer and the seat, thus optimizing space and improving the overall user experience.

This seat not only meets the highest standards of quality and design, but also reflects our brand’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, establishing itself as an ideal solution for those looking to significantly improve their driving experience and comfort in the vehicle.

Seating models:

  • Premium: Standard model of our Komfort seat.
  • Florida: New sportier design, with separate seats.
  • Luxury: Exlusive design with separation of seats and viscoelastic to improve comfort.

Structure head models:

  • Original OKB: In case you have purchased the original heads, we send you the custom-made covers for them.
  • Double: We manufacture two separate heads that are screwed to the backrest.
  • Integral: We manufacture an integral headrest that bolts to the backrest.

Videotutorial installation:

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to manufacture?

Production time is 7-10 working days with 4-7 days shipping to Europe, provided there is no stock out.

Is there much difference between the 3 models?

No, it is more of an aesthetic change than a change in comfort. The quality is exactly the same.

Can I make the Komfort under my measurements if you do not serve me the standard?

Yes, you can ask for a quote via Whatsapp or email.

Is it a complete piece?

No, the backrest and seat are independent so that you can give the desired inclination.

Can I have homologation problems?

There may be homologation difficulties, especially on M1 vehicles (consult with the engineer).

What is included in the Komfort seat?

Neither the structure nor the wooden drawer is included, only the upholstered seat (backrest and seat) is included.

Is the cover removable?

The covers are not removable as it is an upholstery.

Can I wait long between ordering the seat covers and the Komfort seat?

In the case of purchasing front seat covers separately, it is not recommended to wait too long as the fabric tinting may change.


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