Foldable mattress for Renault Trafic, Opel Vivaro and Nissan Primastar with Visco option

The perfect camper mattress for Renault Trafic, Opel Vivaro and Nissan Primastar made to measure in the following options; 8cm of firm foam and 5cm of foam + 3cm of visco. Exclusive promotion model in grey colour with measures 155x190cm. This is a foldable foam mattress for Trafic that can be stored in the rear area of the camper van.

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This is a made-to-measure Trafic mattress, perfect for our camper vans, with the option of a combination of foam and viscoelasticto improve comfort and rest during the days of travel. The camper mattress is 155cm wide and 190cm long, but it is possible to make it in any size the client wishes, subject to a quotation.

This mattress for Renault Trafic is intended to be placed on top of a structure purchased or manufactured by the customer (note: this product does not include furniture) and to be stored in the rear area of the luggage compartment. folded in 3 parts to try to keep it as small as possible, leaving space for the other toiletries for the trip.

We recommend the option with visco as it is the most comfortable, thanks to the 3cm of visco. We have made this option compact to avoid it taking up too much space when folded up, without losing the comfort of such a mattress when sleeping. It is joined by 2 folds so that it can be folded accordion style. The 5cm of foam is composed of an extra-firm density of 28Kg/m3 which, together with the 3cm of viscoelastic, creates a perfect combination for an optimal rest.

We have incorporated side zips in the mattress for Nissan Primastar to make it easy to remove the cover and so the customer can wash it at home without any problems, as our fabrics are 100% cold washable. Once the mattress is spread out, these zips are hidden, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for the comfort of not nailing them to the mattress when sleeping.

What better way to enjoy your holidays or weekend getaways with your family than with this wonderful, custom-made, made-to-measure mattress for the trafic to avoid any problems. All our mattresses have been checked by our quality department to offer our customers maximum comfort during their travels.

You can also combine this camper mattress with your child’s front bed, which gives you an extra seat in your Opel Vivaro. It is ideal for children as it is a very small/medium size and made exclusively for the front seats, both for the two-seater version and the 3 front seats.

✅ Buy Front Bed For Renault Trafic, Opel Vivaro and Nissan Primastar (2002-2014)


This folding mattress is compatible with the following camper vans:

  • Renault Trafic 2002-2021
  • Opel Vivaro 2002-2014
  • Nissan Primastar 2002-2014

It is compatible with these 3 vans as it is the same production box, so inside they are exactly the same.

Important: only compatible with models without rear side panels, i.e. door panels.

It may fit some other models but it is advisable to check with us or check the measurements.


  • Overall size: 155×190
  • Thickness: 8cm / 5cm+3cm visco
  • Fabric: Organic cotton with polyester backing
  • 3 pieces joined together accordion style
  • Removable and washable


The Primastar mattress is made of a high quality grey fabric of very soft organic cotton plus a polyester base for reinforcement. It is made of a breathablematerial that is cool in summer and warm in winter and complies with the standards.


Our recommendation as manufacturers is that you should always select a mattress with viscoelastic, as those 3 cm of viscoelastic are able to generate comfort with many results. It helps a lot in our daily rest, as it generates a sensation as if the mattress was embracing us.

We do not recommend total thicknesses with visco less than 8cm, as less than 3cm of foam would be too little and you could end up touching the wood where it rests (in the case of seats that fold upholstered, there is the possibility of applying a mattress with 3cm of foam + 3cm of visco, but only in these cases). For this reason, in order to make it as compact as possible but without losing that comfort, we manufacture it in 8 centimetres of thickness (5 cm of 28kg/m3 foam + 3 cm of visco).


This model is a standardised version which makes it a cheaper mattress. In case you want to customisethis mattress, you can ask us for a quote without obligation, through our email or Whatsapp. It is possible to manufacture it in any size by providing a sketch of the camper mattress, with the thickness, parts, shapes, visco, fabric, etc…

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 70 cm


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